Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How Students Improve Their Grades and Build Leadership Skills with Esports Programs

You might think of esports as just another form of entertainment or perhaps even a distraction for your high-school students. However, according to Jacob Dees, the esports coach for Apollo Junior High School, esports is helping his students build critical soft skills. From Richardson's Edison High School to new classes in your district, schools are embracing esports as a powerful educational technology. Coaches like Rodriguez and Furlong have seen some students blossom because of esports. Apollo Junior High even has a dedicated esports space with Logitech backlit keyboards for each gaming desk. So, https://www.wargame-rd.com/how-esports-helps-students-build-strong-leadership-skills-more-than-just-a-game/ it's time to cast away any doubts and delve into how esports can boost academic performance and develop soft skills in high-school students.

Esports Attracts a Diverse Group of Students

If you're an educator, you may have noticed that not all students are keen on traditional extracurricular activities. Esports, however, has the potential to attract a much wider and diverse group of students. Edison High School in New Jersey features a wide range of technology, including a dedicated esports arena. Some students who never seemed interested in any school programs have now found their community through esports. Inclusivity is one of the early benefits with an esports pilot program, says Rodriguez.

Digital Threats That Students Face in Online Gaming

While esports brings numerous advantages, you must also consider the digital threats that students face in online gaming. Ensuring cybersecurity and teaching students about online safety are essential responsibilities. Coaches like Furlong and Rodriguez have built protocols into their programs to safeguard against these threats. Ensuring that the esports program is safe will help students focus on improving their soft skills and academic performance.

Key Technologies in an Esports Room

When we speak of esports in schools, the technology can't be overlooked. Each gaming desk at Edison High School features Logitech backlit keyboards, high-end Acer monitors, and other essential tech. By providing state-of-the-art technology, you're not just making the games more enjoyable but also preparing your students for a tech-savvy future.

Esports Club Helps Students Grow Leadership Skills

Participation in esports isn't just about the games. Jacob Dees says his students are gaining important soft skills by participating in the esports program at Apollo Junior High. Leadership, communication, and strategic planning are among the skills being honed. These are essential skills that your students will carry into their academic and professional futures.

Early Benefits with an Esports Pilot Program

If you're hesitant to implement a full-fledged esports program, starting with a pilot can be beneficial. According to coaches Rodriguez and Furlong, early benefits with an esports pilot program have been seen in improved grades and increased school attendance, particularly for those students who were previously disengaged.

Students in the Edison High School Esports Program

Students at Edison High are not just playing games; they're building a future. From developing teamwork and communication to improving their problem-solving skills, these students are learning much more than just game mechanics. Your school could also see similar growth in student engagement and skill development.

Dos and Don'ts of Implementing Esports in Schools

If you're considering adding esports to your educational program, there are some dos and don'ts you need to be aware of. Do ensure that you have the appropriate technology and a dedicated esports space. Don't overlook the importance of online safety protocols. Make sure you have a qualified coach to guide the students, and always prioritize their well-being over winning games.

Frequently Asked Questions About School Esports Programs

If you still have questions, you're not alone. Is esports genuinely educational? Can it help my students improve their grades? These are valid concerns, and the answer to each is a resounding yes. Esports programs have been proven to enrich student lives, boost grades, and build critical soft skills.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're an educator, a parent, or a student, it's time to recognize the value of esports in education. With the right implementation, it can offer much more than entertainment—it can be a tool for lifelong learning and skill development. As a coach, parent, or educator, your support can be invaluable in helping your students realize these benefits.

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