Wednesday, September 3, 2014

At Certified Solar Solutions, our mission is to bring efficient and cost effective renewable energy to our clients, while being environmentally conscious. We strive to empower our clients to reduce their reliance on less sustainable electric utilities and lead the way into Green alternatives.

We use the process known as photovoltaic, with which you can harness the natural power of the sun’s rays to provide electricity, heat, and cooling for your property.

Contact Us For A Solar Evaluation Of Your Home, We Would Love To Help You.

Why Go Solar?

  • Generate Your Own Power (Be More Self Sufficient)
  • Cost Effective (Reduce Your Dependency On The Rising Rates Of Electric Companies)
  • Act Now And Receive The Missouri Utility Rebates For Each Watt Installed
  • Take a 30% Federal Tax Rebate Incentive also
  • The Power Company Will Pay You For Excess Power Generated
  • Better On The Environment–Cleaner & More Sustainable Energy Than Traditional Electric Power

CSS’s capabilities include:

Site evaluation for selection of optimum PV technology and best location on your property.

Determine PV capacity to optimize your use of electricity.

In-House Design and Engineering drawings with PE (Professional Engineer) sign off and in-house installation crews.

Extensive knowledge of Photovoltaic substrate technology, including: Crystalline and Amorphous Silicon, CIGS and Si string technology to match the best system to your needs.

Access to numerous module and BIPV (Building-Integrated Photovoltaic) designs to fit your needs.

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