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Want a heated pool without the extra energy expense?  A cold swimming pool often goes unused, and offers no return on investment.  Solar pool heating systems can save you money, enhances the enjoyment of a swimming pool and adds value to your home. A properly sized system with a life span of 15-20 years can actually pay for itself with energy savings in 2 to 3 years.

Pool heating is a very good solar application.  Pool systems usually use simple unglazed plastic collectors.  The pool itself is the thermal storage for the system, and the pump you already use for filtering your pool’s water will also circulate water through the solar collectors.

The major advantage of these systems is that because sunshine is free, they have no operating cost.  Another plus for environmentally-conscious pool owners is that solar energy is renewable and non-polluting, so these systems also reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar heating technology can be confusing to the average pool owner, though.  Contact Us to discuss your solar pool heating options!

Solar technology is mature. Solar cells have been made for going on half a century now. Still, designing or installing a solar electric system is something no professional takes lightly. Solar hot water, wind, and ground-source heat pump systems are like that, too. There are more ways to design and install these systems wrong than there are right ways. That’s why it’s important to demand quality and professionalism in your renewable energy system supplier.

Why Certify?

That is an excellent question. There are three major factors in play when installing an energy system on your property:

  1. The safety of the workers (and you and your guests)
  2. The Performance of the system
  3. The condition of your roof after the job is done

Certification also shows that your renewable energy professional is serious about maintaining high standards within the industry. If you value quality work, seek out and hire a certified professional.

Certified Solar Solutions, LLC is one of only two renewable energy companies in Missouri with two NABCEP certified energy professionals on staff. NABCEP certification, issued by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, is the gold standard for solar PV, wind, and solar hot water energy systems. Many states that have renewable energy initiatives like Missouri does have found out the hard way that the only guarantee of success is to demand high standards of knowledge and professionalism from the practitioners in the industry.

Quality and professionalism is NABCEP’s mission–and that’s why we’re NABCEP certified.


When anyone goes up onto a roof for any reason at all, they must be aware of the hazards and dangers present. When someone goes up onto a roof to work, they must be very familiar with the challenges of working on a roof. Besides falling off, it’s possible to drop something and have it go over the side. The less often that happens, the less likely someone on the ground will be injured.

At Certified Solar Solutions, safety really does come first. We run a safety checklist on every job and our installers and supervisors receive OSHA 10-hour training every year.

There are no degrees of safety. There is only safe and NOT safe. Safe workers feel more comfortable and are more productive. A single accident can ruin a company. If you see a contractor cutting corners on safety, know that they aren’t in business for the long haul. Safety harnesses and ropes, work platforms, and barricades should be in full use at all times.


When you buy a solar electric (photovoltaic) system or a solar hot water system, you’re counting on it to do its job for many years, and do it well. A well-designed system will be an asset that any homeowner would be proud to have and any certified professional would be proud to sign off on. Unfortunately, a proorly designed or poorly installed system is guaranteed to be a poor performer–and worse, will take much longer to pay for itself than it should. Perhaps never making it past the make-break point at all.

A NABCEP certified renewable energy professional has demonstrated knowledge and experience that allows them to predict system pitfalls and produce successful outcomes. They can maximize the output of a solar collector and save you a lot of money in utility bills.

Your best guarantee of a successful project is a certified professional installer and professional designer.

At Certified Solar Solutions, we employ degreed engineers and trained technicians and installers to make sure that quality and performance are at their peak. We’re the only renewable energy firm in Missouri with a licemsed Professional Engineer on staff. After a staff engineer reviews a design or project plan, our Professional Engineer goes through it thoroughly to ensure that nothing has been missed. We can even stamp your plans with a Professional Engineer’s seal, the highest mark of design quality there is.

Roof, Sweet Roof

Your roof is the most important part of your house. Water is the number one threat to your home. Once water comes in, mold, insects, and other undesirables soon follow. Therefore, choose a certified professional to perform the necessary modifications on your roof.

Here at Certified Solar Solutions, we inspect our customers’ roofs before the job, throughout the job, and at the end of the job. We are absolute roofing fanatics. In fact, we routinely repair roof problems that we find–often at no charge to our customer. Your roof is your insurance policy against water damage and major headaches down the road, and we take that very seriously.

Our Mission

The team of dedicated, certified professionals at Certified Solar Solutions wants nothing but peace of mind for you and meany years of low electric bills.

Contact Us to find out how our team of design and installation professionals can help you take control of your energy future.

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