Solar electric systems are also called “Photovoltaic” Systems. These systems generate electricity using the FREE fuel of sunlight.

15-25% of a typical house’s energy use is for hot water.
A solar hot water heater can reduce your hot water energy use by 70% or more.

The wind will blow–almost as predictably as the sun coming up every day.
Harvest this ultra-clean renewable energy source with a wind turbine.

Ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) heat and cool by using the storage capacity of the greatest energy reservoir on earth:
the earth itself.

Thanks to Missouri citizen’s demand for electric power that’s cleaner than our coal-intensive generation mix today, several programs are helping Missourians become more energy independent while they reduce their electric bills without sacrificing their quality of life.

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Carbon capture methods are expensive and can cut power plant efficiencies by as much as 20%.
The technology also has another huge downside: It could nearly double the amount of water a plant uses for every kilowatt of electricity it delivers—easily erasing any gains from techniques aimed at conserving water and reducing thermal pollution.


Direct-to-Grid Systems


Flat roof
Sloped roof

Residential Solar Energy

Eliminate your largest household bill
while doing something effective
for your environment

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