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At Certified Solar Solutions, we recognize that customer satisfaction is the key to success and are proud to have a long list of highly satisfied customers. Read the testimonials below and then follow the links at the bottom of the page to see how we rated on our third-party customer satisfaction surveys!

SIZE: 150kW

TYPE: Ground-Mounted Small Utility-Scale System

My name is John Bartos. I am the founder and past owner of Three Rivers Construction, Inc
and also a major partner in the 150 kilowatt solar power plant built in Midland, Michigan.  This
plant was designed and built under the direction of MSA and Certified Solar Solutions.
From the very start and throughout the project, working with Jason and his partners was a
distinct pleasure. They are all thorough, dedicated professionals. The planning, design,
engineering, and construction went very well thanks to their ability to handle just about anything
that came up.

Our project came in on time and also under budget, which resulted in a pleasant surprise on
our investment return. The system was commissioned in May of this year, has performed
extremely well, and is producing energy at the levels projected at project inception. We are
delighted in the performance of the system and are especially pleased with the performance of
Jason, Vaughn, Steve, and all the crew at MSA and Certified Solar. We would recommend
them highly.

John Bartos

SIZE: 4.0kW
TYPE: Roof-Mounted Residential System

A consultant met with us at our home and proposed a solar system that would meet almost all of our electric needs.  To my husband and me, it was important to offset our energy usage as much as possible.  In deciding to contract with Certified Solar Solutions, we felt comfortable in the fact that a licensed Professional Engineer and a Certified PV Installer would supervise the design and construction of our solar electric system.

The solar system is humming along without any problems whatsoever.  Last summer we generated more electricity through the solar panels than we used.  We often paid electric bills of less than $1.  In the winter, the bill rose to between $10 and $15.  We expect to achieve a net electricity usage of  zero during the course of the year.  We’ve been very happy and have said as much to anyone who has asked about Certified Solar’s work and services.

Wendy V.

SIZE: 8.3kW
TYPE: Roof-Mounted Residential System

When my wife and I first considered solar panels for our St. Charles home, we, like most people, had a general idea of the concept, but there was much we didn’t know.  Certified Solar Solutions was able to “fill in the blanks”, thoroughly explaining the entire process – design, permits, installation, tax credits, Ameren’s Missouri Rebate, Solar Renewable Energy Credits. I particulary appreciated CSS’s approach as the engineers that they are.

We are very happy with our 8.28 Kw system and are particularly pleased with our most recent Ameren bill: $4!!

I recommend Certified Solar Solutions to anyone who is considering the investment of solar power.

Keith Boyd


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